Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Working Vacation

So last month I went on vacation with Violet, Cindy and our good friend Jen. If we ever win the lottery Jen is going to be our nanny -- Violet loves her.

We spent the week in Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast and while we were there I decided to do some articles. You know, write off the trip and make some cash at the same time. Now, if I could just get an actual vacation... hehehe

Here are the links to the stories I have done.

Historic Nye Beach
This is basically an old downtown that has beach access. The city of Newport is trying to redevelop it so it's more trendy and cool.

Devil's Punchbowl
This is one of the more famous spots on the Oregon Coast. It's an old sea cave that collapsed and made a bowl for the waves to crash in and out of. Pretty cool.

Whale Watching Spoken Here Center
Went whale watching. Was weally wicked. Oh, and Jen is in the picture at the bottom of the article.

I have two more articles that I am working on -- yes I am a bum for not having them done yet. doesn't give me deadlines! ARG! I need deadlines to induce the stress that it takes to get my brain engaged!

Stay safe...


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