Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lamb & Wool Festival news story

Well the freelance thing is feast or famine. One week I am trying to figure out what to do -- while ignoring my work -- and another week I am running around like crazy.

I am doing an RV/ATV/Boating feature for the Statesman Journal every week, but they don't have it online. But the Stayton Mail came calling the other day and I did this story for this week's paper.

Next week I have two more stories for them -- so it's nice to get back out to Stayton.

Marion County Lamb & Wool Festival
This is in the town of Turner, which is really small. It was a cool little festival and it was free -- free parking, free admission, free parade. Very cool -- especially when 50 miles to the north the Portland Rose Festival is going on and you can actually feel the money in your wallet being drawn to downtown Portland carnies.

I will be updating this blog more frequently now that I have some work on the net to post! If the RV section ever gets online, I will make sure to link it too.

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