Monday, April 17, 2006

Time to start updating this blog!

So I thought I would start posting the writing I have been doing, so that way I can just give family and friends the address to this site and they can click through to my work. One easy link instead of e-mailing all the links every week.

Anyway, here is the Senior Life section that I work on every two months. This isn't the latest one, but one from February. I took the cover shot (which I liked) and did a number of stories and photos on the inside. In the upper right corner you will see a NEXT PAGE button, just click that and you can see the inside pages.

Statesman Journal February Senior Life 2006

Oh and before I forget, I did the design on the old style of Senior Life (before they changed it for 2006) and I wanted to get an example of that on here, just for giggles. Yes, I am multi-talented, I can write, take pictures and do layout. I took the photos for the cover and all the stories. Wrote most of the stories and designed the original layout of the piece when I was still working for the Statesman.

Statesman Journal December Senior Life 2005

The next section I worked on nwas Women in Business for 2006. It's always a fun section, but this time the press totally screwed up the photos. They actually weren't as bad as they appear in this publication. I have the originals and they look fine. Anyway, I have always touted myself as a better writer than photographer.

Statesman Journal Women in Business 2006

Now we are going old school. The 2005 Oregon Tourism Department's Kids Guide. I put this together when I was still working full time at the Statesman. The new one is due to come out sometime in April, so patience.

Oregon Kids Guide 2005

That's the Statesman Journal work they have online -- lately they have been slow to get sections posted, so not all of my work is up there. As more come online I will link it here.

In the coming days I will try to keep my news work posted too so you can see the weekly work I am doing out in Silverton and Stayton.

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