Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A raise?

So I am reading last Thursday's paper when I see that several Oregon legislators think they deserve a raise.

What is their reasoning for this wonderful idea? One of their own was forced to resign, and is currently under investigation for allegedly pilfering campaign contributions to pay for things like his mortgage and electricity bill. My feeling is that anyone who is dumb enough to give these shysters any money should expect crap like this to happen.

Afterall, we are dealing with the people who ignore (AKA tweak to make a better law) ballot measures we all pass in the inititive process. Can anyone say Ballot Measure 7 and 37?

The argument they are using (since one of us had to steal to make ends meet we need a raise) is about the most moronic thing I have ever seen come out of the Legislature. Hell, there are theifs, therefore, according to the Legislature's logic, everything should be FREE!

My favorite quote was from Salem shyster Billy Dalto, who isn't that bad of a guy if you can ignore the political stench that comes off him...

"The romantic notion of an Oregon citizen Legislature is dead," said Rep. Billy Dalto, R-Salem.

It should read, "The romantic notion of an Oregon HONEST Legislature is dead"

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