Monday, May 23, 2005

First post!

Hey, this is the first time ever I have been able to put FIRST POST! on the Internet. Some of us have day jobs y'know.

Anyway, after deciding to stay-at-home and take care of my kid, I thought it would be fun to blog. Since I have never done this before, and I am not sure anyone is reading, I may or may not post frequently.

If I hear from folks, then I might keep it up. Otherwise, you get what you pay for, bitches.

I plan on talking about politics, my column in the Statesman Journal, my kid and sharing photos of what's going on in my life. Oh, and what Ellen is talking about on her show, because as a stay at home dad you have to be in touch with the funniest lesbian on the planet. Just saying...

Now, I have to level my Tauren on World of Warcraft.

Oh, and today's busstop? Completely screwed. Not my fault. And yes I know, the web monkeys at the Statesman haven't changed the poll in an entire decade.


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Liviu said...

Congratulations!I post for the first time now one month.I made my own blog and now I am writting articles (posts)about what I feel every day, about what it heapends in the world and special in my country.
Keep it up my firend!