Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sad today

I have a bunch of work this week and won't get to spend much time with the girls.

Here we are with about 6 weeks left of summer, so when I things slow down I am going to plan an adventure or two with the rugrats.

Maybe an off swim lesson trip to the pool. I think I will need Cindy's help with that, because watching two in the pool could be tricky.

I will post some entries over the next day or two. I may get some time while I am waiting for appointments.

Hope you all had a good weekend. Post a comment, I want to see if anyone is migrating over from Facebook.

All the best!

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Slithy Lil Tove said...

I tried commenting on an earlier post, but I think I failed.

Anonymous said...

I'm here. Though you don't seem to write as often as you did on facebook

Melissa said...

Hiya, Pat. I'm just catching up on some blogs in general, so I'm not totally up to speed on your Facebook beef, but I'll definitely miss seeing you on there if you drop it entirely.

I've found both venues serve different purposes.

Good luck!

Christine Neely said...

I migrated!!!! Your Cousin-in-Law, Christine (Marsh) Neely