Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Operation: Fat Ass



Today I started Operation: Fat Ass.

I turned 39 this year and I have decided that I can't keep going through life carrying around the mass of Jupiter on my frame. In 2007, Operation: Work Out was an utter failure with me buying a year of gym, and going twice.

This year, I have decided to also hire a personal trainer for the time being, to get me going on a program and to make sure I work out.

Today was the first day I worked out with my trainer, who looks like she weighs about 3 grams. We did some cardio today, and then I hit the free weights.

When I think of weightlifting I see the dudes on the World's Strongest Man competition where I am lifting Volkswagen Bugs. My trainer informed me today it's about reps when you are trying to lose weight. So I get to use these little 10 pound "girl" weights.

Oh well, so much for macho.

I will chronicle my results.

Weight: Mass of Jupiter is
1.9 x 1027 kg which is 318 planet Earths.
Lost so far: 0


Anonymous said...

Good luck Pat, I too am working towards significant weight loss. I hope success for both of us.

Jeff said...

I'll watch (read) with interest. I'm glad you're trying and I could use the inspiration to get out and work on myself. Thanks for committing to writing about your experience. At 42, and with an increase in the gray hair quotient over the past year, this issue is high on my list.