Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Every Monday and Wednesday the girls go swimming. Normally, since I would just sit and watch in the stuffy pool, I take the hour they are gone as nice quiet time at home. I read or play video games or just enjoy a quiet house while doing chores.

I have a couple of freelance assignments shooting photos for the chamber directories in Canby and Woodburn, so I took tonight as an opportunity to shoot some pool photos. I took several of other people, but figured while I was there I would also get some new shots of the girls swimming. I have some of Cindy and Lilly together, but I was informed that if I posted any photos of Cindy in a swim suit I would forfeit the rest of my life.

I tend to believe these threats.

So, I am sneaking one in on danger to life and limb, the others will have to remain in our private collection not for the Internets.

Hope all is well,


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