Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fence update

I had a busy weekend and was only able to get one more section up. I had Violet's birthday party, see pictures below or on the slide show at the upper left, and a bunch of freelance stuff to get done.

I have three sections left -- well two and a half -- and I have six sections done. I am thinking about getting some help next weekend and just finishing it off. We also had someone come over and cut all the bushes off a the ground. The stumps are still there, but they are pretty close to the dirt. The Rhodie is still out there, I couldn't get it in this shot.

After this project I think I am going to start painting inside the house. We may do a few more yard projects before the rain comes, but once it starts raining I think we are saving any more improvements outside until it dries out.

Well, I have some stories to write...


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