Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fun at Silver Falls

Had an interesting day on Monday. We went to Silver Falls and noticed that pretty much everyone in the valley had the same idea. I usually only go to Silver Falls when it's raining or snowing (or when I was at The Appeal there was a movie being shot there, a suicide or missing hiker).

Anyway, billion people, two little kids and things were just nuts. We had fun, but it was crazy keeping an eye on Violet and Lilly. We are like that, we don't let them just run, we like to keep track of the little buggers.

I got distracted and Violet disappeared. We ran around calling for her, and then noticed she walked down to wade in the creek (with about a billion other little kids). We had a good lecture, but we decided it was time to go home.

A good scare will do that to a fun day.

Well, I have stories to write and photos to go through. I uploaded the photos from the trip to Fickr (the slideshow at the upper left).


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