Thursday, March 19, 2009

Crash goes the Lilly

There is nothing like ending a crazy day at the office, chasing stories, answering phones, grilling public officials and writing like a mad man, to a nice LOUD, CRASHING SOUND FOR HOURS ON END.

To the person who gave us the "music" set when Violet was born.... You are dead. Your family is dead. Your pets are dead. I will burn your house down, and leave in the ashes these two little cymbols from HELL (This is a joke, Department of Homeland Security).

We got lucky with Violet, she never figured out that if you slammed these two metal plates together, you could send your parents to the loony bin.

Well, we didn't get so lucky with Lilly, which is why in the video you can hear me say "apple juice" over and over for no apparent reason -- I am half nutty already. Tonight she escaped after I fed her (which is why she is naked) and found the cymbols while I was cleaning peanut butter off the ceiling.

Now if you will excuse me, everyone is sleeping and I just want to sit in my chair and enjoy the silence....


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So I should probably return the tuba and drum set I bought her for Easter?