Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ok, Ok!

Can you tell I went back to work? See now if you want this blog to continue, you can just send donations so I can stay home from work and take pictures and write on here all day.

Anyway, Violet likes kissing her little sister and rubbing her like a cat.

Violet quotes about her sister so far:

"Lilly is crying, I will step on her head."

"Does Lilly want back in Mommy's tummy?"

"We both go to time out?"

"Can I color Lilly?"

So, we are having fun, Lilly still won't sleep in her crib, which is making things interesting around here. Good thing I am used to sleeping on the couch. Cindy goes back to work on Feb. 19 and at that point we will see how things are going to work.

Well, I have to go read Violet a book -- Bears and Chairs for the 56,000,000 time. :)


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