Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Busy week

Here we are on Wednesday, and I have already worked 30 hours this week -- and I took half of today off.

I came home this afternoon and Cindy raced off to have a massage and chiro appointment. While she was gone, Lilly started fussing. I was rocking Lilly while Violet was playing with her dolls. Lilly wouldn't stop fussing and so Violet walks up to me and very matter of factly says:

"Daddy, you need give Lilly your boob."

Um, wow.

I explained that I was Daddy and that wouldn't help Lilly, only Mommys can do that.

She thought about that for awhile and walked away. At that point Cindy came home and I was safe.

Never a dull moment around here. The pipes under the kitchen sink started leaking, so Cindy went to work. Every time I try to do plumping I end up with Old Faithful, so Cindy doesn't let me touch pipes anymore. She is going to Ace Hardware tomorrow to find out if we need a new part or something.

As far as I am concerned, with the garbage disposal down there and everything, it looks like a device in a nuclear power plant -- I will not touch it.

I say call a plumber.

But that's me.


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