Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wow, I keep updating people might read this.

Anyway, my last post was for an article that was in the Silverton Appeal, well every so often the Statesman Journal picks up my stories from the Appeal. They edit them some -- editors are like dogs, they don't feel like it belongs to them unless they mark their territory -- and this time they even ran a picture.

Art house Statesman Journal article

That link will only be good for a week, so keep that in mind. :)

Otherwise another Wednesday another couple of news articles got posted in the Silverton Appeal and Stayton Mail.

The first one was a Saturday event called "Unmasking the Arts" in Silverton that raised money for the art association out there. It was fun, although one of the Silverton Art Association board members was a real jerk. I told this person I was from the Appeal and they said, "Go ahead and make up my quotes, that's what the Appeal does anyway."

It never surprises me that people I have never met can be so rude. I usually let it slide, but this person was just a jackass. I gave up a Saturday evening -- Cindy and Violet went to a party I passed on to go to the event -- to cover the arts. Sure I am getting paid for the article, but I did it to make sure the art association got some coverage. Guess I won't be doing that again. I don't need the money that bad. :)

Anyway, enough whining.

Unmasking the Arts ran in the Silverton Appeal

Natural farrier is an article that ran in both the Appeal and the Stayton Mail, so I linked the Mail story.

Have a great rest of week!


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