Thursday, October 05, 2006

Staying busy in Silverton

Sorry about the lack of updates, I have been running around like crazy the last month.

I had a number of articles for the Statesman Journal (all of which probably won't be on the web), and I wrote the biggest newspaper article I have ever done.

The Statesman is starting a new feature where they profile someone in the community who has made a difference. This is an advertising-sponsored feature, so I get to do it. Otherwise the news department would take it and I would be sad.

Anyway, I wrote about 3,000 words on a very interesting lady who lives in Salem. If they put it online I will link it here. I am pretty happy with the story and looking forward to seeing it. It's never amazes me that you can always have new things to learn after 10+ years in your profession. I had never written something that large, so I did a lot of reading of longer features to figure out how to structure it and whatnot.

After I finished the Senior Life, Women Show, RV page and the monster feature, I got a call from the folks out in Silverton. They want me to do some stories for them every week now, so this blog should be updated on a regular basis.

Art on her terms

A good meal worth the journey

The long road home

So, that's me this week. See ya next week.


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Nuriko said...

Very nice articles! I love how well spoken you are. :)