Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Is it desert or dessert?

So you know that week it was 100+ degrees? Yeah, well in true Pat fashion, I had a great idea to go to the high desert. I had a couple of stories for Oregon.com and my aunt and mom wanted to see the places too.

We packed in the car and by the time we got to The Dalles, it was in the mid-90s. Nice. Anyway, here is one of the stories for the International Carousel Museum. The other story I did, The Gorge Discovery Center, I am also working on and should have it posted soon.

Been busy with the Statesman Journal RV Page -- which isn't online -- so sorry for the lack of updates. I think all of four people are reading this, so keep checking as more stories will be updated as they come online.

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Dwight Marsh said...

Hey! The Dalles is not High desert! Just because it has proper seasons and is not always green does not make it a desert!