Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Well last week I covered a German Richtfest in Mount Angel. In Mount Angel they are all about Bavarian history and, well, drinking.

Each summer they have the Oktoberfest! and the entire downtown looks like a small Bavarian village. They are building a Edelweiss Village with a Glockenspiel (clock tower with carved wooden figures that dance on the hour, every hour) and decided they needed another reason to party.

Enter the Richtfest -- or Christmas in May. They put a tree at the top of the building and wreaths to indicate how good the builder is. One wreath, the builder stinks and has to pay for the party, two wreaths they are decent and three wreaths they rock is how it breaks down. The builder got three wreaths -- shocking I know.

Anyway, I took some photos and wrote two stories on the event. A short one for the Statesman Journal Business page which can be found here.

The other is a larger story with photos (the paper version had several photos and was a nice spread) which can be found here.

Hope all is going well with you.

Off to write about my coast trip...


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