Sunday, August 08, 2010


Well this weekend has been nice.

The last two days we have stayed close to home, we went out for swimming and that's about it.

Cindy got naps both Saturday and Sunday, and I got to sleep in.

After two weeks of a lot of work, it was nice to have a weekend of just messing around. Cleaning up, folding clothes and lounging.

Yes, Wilsonville had Fun in the Park and Goat Day today -- but honestly I needed a break.

There are a number of fairly complicated stories coming up for The Spokesman ( and the political season will start heating up here in the next month.

Plus, I needed to get the house ready for Madden 11 coming out Tuesday!!! (It's an NFL football game for my Xb0x -- thanks Mom and Dad for the gift certificate!)

Kids are great, and I will take some pictures tomorrow. I have another day off with just the kids and it should be fun. We are going to do a photo shoot!

Well, off to change the laundry.


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