Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yes we are still alive

OK, so it's been a month. I took a freelance job that has kept me pretty busy and I have been doing more writing than normal. So sorry for the lack of updates. I will make it up to you!

Today the kids and I went to Pump It Up! a place with all these jumpy castles and slides. It was a good time.

We only had one melt down -- there were some toys for the little kids and Lilly took ownership of a xylophone. She slid down this slide and saw a little boy playing with HER toy, she walked over and punched him in the nose. The boy started fighting back and it was on.

So I had to do some combat parenting, with Lilly screaming because now she couldn't slide anymore and me telling her that she shouldn't punch people. That kid!

There was only one part that Lilly, 2, couldn't handle and it was an obstacle course that was too tall for her to get through. So I ended up trying to crawl in there to get her, and if you know me, you can imagine how funny that was.

Employee #1: Ralph, I think there is a black bear stuck in the obstacle course.
Employee #2: Nope, just another fat dad trying to get his kid out, cancel the call to animal control.

I am so proud of Violet, normally she is pretty timid, but lately she has been trying new things. It's fun to watch her conquer her fear and just do something that isn't in her comfort level. She is very proud of herself, and should be when she does things like that.

There was a big tall slide, and Lilly was all gung-ho to do it, but Violet was afraid. She didn't want her little sister to do it first, so she sucked it up and climbed up and slid down without any help. It was cool.

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