Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween!

That's right, we dressed Lilly in all black for Halloween. We are such good parents. :)

Actually Cindy was walking with her the entire time, and they went over to Hope Village -- a retirement home where you can walk around without being on a road. Then Lilly rode in the hot pink stroller for half the trip.

I was on front door patrol, handing out candy to the kids. We got about 40 trick or treaters, and now I am wondering what to do with our extra candy. I'm pretty sure it's not on my training diet. Heh.

Well, this weekend was bad for the diet -- ok the lifestyle change -- but I didn't have Coke, that's a positive right?

Lilly is crying so I better run. Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween.


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Erez Rubin said...

So adorable!!!!!!!!!!