Sunday, June 28, 2009

Violet the flower girl

Went to Violet's teacher's wedding tonight. It was pretty fun -- hot -- but pretty fun. They didn't really have a photographer, so I kind of helped a little. I didn't go all "Carrie Wedding" on them, I just took a few shots.

Violet was a flower girl and she throws flower pedals like a pro. She did have a wardrobe malfunction, she couldn't figure out how to wear flip-flops, so during the service she was playing with her footwear the whole time (there is a picture in the slide show to the left I think if you click on it).

Lilly also went to the wedding was a handful. She and Cindy wrestled during the whole ceremony and then we took her to a side room during the reception because she was getting fussy and very active. It's one the reasons I stay home with her on Sundays, she is just so active right now.

Hope all is well with you.


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